TAsting notes

Daredevil is the beer that keeps giving. What begins as the taste of subtle hoppy flavours gives way to a luscious malt body, hints of fruity toffee apples, then a long complex finish that inspires another
mouthful to experience the full range of flavours all over again. A favourite amongst our brewing team, some of whom insist it’s not just because there’s a picture of The Founder on the label.

Malty Hoppy
Light Dark
Sweet Bitter

Ale, Crystal, Cara Amber, Cara Munich, Cara Red, Cara Fa and Vienna


Pacific Gem, Riwaka, US Centennial and US Simcoe

Serve at 6-8°C or as we say in Dunedin, room temp

MAtches nicelY with
  • Matches with rich flavours such as Lamb Ragout or a good old Beef Stew.
  • Whitestone Totara Tasty Aged Cheddar
  • Glenfiddich 15 yo
Year Round


6.40 ABV

Approx 2.6 stAndArd drinks

BuY beer


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