JP 2017

TAsting notes

Who better to help brew the 10th anniversary JP Belgian than a former student of JP the Belgian. Kelly Ryan is now head brewer at Fork & Brewer, and he pulled out all the stops to honour his old mentor, by taking on the quadrupel ale. Fermented with two strains of yeast, it’s rich, fruity and sour. We reckon the professor would’ve enjoyed it – especially on a molecular level.

Malty Hoppy
Light Dark
Sweet Bitter

Pilsner, Special W, Cara Munich, Shepard’s Delight



Serve at 8-10°C or as we say in Dunedin, room temp

MAtches nicelY with
  • Caramelised pork belly or chocolate gateau.

Belgian Style Quad

10.00 ABV

Approx 4.0 stAndArd drinks

JP 2017
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