PhAntom Lord

TAsting notes

Phantom Lord is the offspring of somewhat confused parentage. In the way of stouts, it’s black as tar, with an opulent roast and chocolate notes. But it’s hopped like an American Style Pale Ale. Then fermented with English Ale yeast. All of which results in a splendidly complex array of deep, satisfying maltiness balanced with a fruity, resinous hop aroma and flavour. So it turned out alright in the end.

Malty Hoppy
Light Dark
Sweet Bitter

Ale, Chocolate, Crystal, Vienna, Roast Barley


US Cascade, US Centennial, US Citra, US Simcoe

Serve at 8-10°C or as we say in Dunedin, room temp

MAtches nicelY with
  • Matches with rich dishes such as beef Short Ribs, an old fashioned stew or a smoked beef.
  • Kapiti Ramara Washed Rind Cheese
  • Crown Royal Canadian Whisky
SeAsonal ReleAse - JulY

Hopped Stout

5.80 ABV

Approx 2.3 stAndArd drinks

PhAntom Lord
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