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The Emerson's Brewing Company Promotes the enjoyment of its beer in a responsible manner. If you are of legal drinking age, we welcome you to visit our website.

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This International Women's Day, we're highlighting the incredible women working at Emerson's Brewery and recognizing the importance of their participation in decision making roles in the craft beer industry. The celebration of International Women's Day is powered by the collective efforts of all. Our aim is to emphasize the present contributions and motivate upcoming generations of women to pursue on careers in the craft beer industry.


Dorothy Hislop and Aisling Byrne

Women have been brewing since ancient times so its awesome to bring the industry back to its roots. We make beers all day every day with our fingers in all the pies, from mashing in and the hot side to cellaring and yeast management in the cold. We have some recipes of our own coming out each year so make sure you keep an eye out, especially with Paddy's day on the horizon and of course the womens day brew!

Marisa Ferrari
Marketing and Events

Marisa manages our Emerson's website, digital advertising, sponsorships, content creation, social media strategy, and generates taproom event initiatives. She ensures a well-rounded approach for Emerson's marketing campaigns that help shape its relevance in a rapidly evolving market. What she loves about her role is the autonomy to mold and experiment with new initiatives, allowing her the flexibility to shape it according to the brand's vision, explore innovative approaches, and work in tandem with her team who uphold these shared values.

Jo Scott and Jo Flamank
Production and Purchasing Planner & Inwards Goods and Warehouse Coordinator

Jo Scott is responsible for the end to end execution of Emerson’s production – purchasing raw materials, coordinating brewing and packaging schedules, and managing the warehouse and delivery team on site. She works closely with Sales and Marketing to bring the vision of exciting new, small batch releases to life, as well making sure the core range people know and love is available. She loves the dynamic nature of her role, being the main decision maker around production schedules for a large on-site team is a big responsibility, but she enjoys working closely with the different functions of the business and the people in those roles, and celebrating the successes of the whole team across the site and within Lion.

Jo Flamanks' responsibility is the smooth running of the wider Emerson’s site, being first point of contact for all deliveries coming through our yard, and the distributing them to the appropriate departments. Jo works closely with all functions of the site to maximize the small storage space we have, with many competing demands. You will see Jo out on the forklift, managing the yard space, and working with delivery drivers, her face is usually the first people see when coming in the yard space. Due to the short supply of storage on site, she needs to be skilled at operating the forklift and have a very high awareness to ensure the yard and warehouse are safe. Jo also supports the dispatch and delivery team members – out and about in the Emerson’s van when needed – making sure our beer is getting to the people, and delivering a high level of customer service and satisfaction. Jo enjoys the variation in volume day to day, meaning no two days are ever the same, and the challenges that brings.  

Kate Kersten and Mel Marks
Packaging Technicians

In the packaging department at Emerson's, Kate manages the can line, keg line, and bottle line. She work on packing the line, preparing packaging material for the next day, teaching and monitoring temporary workers, and completing standard work. One of the highlights of working in packaging is the team dynamic. Everyone is treated equally, and there is a belief that anyone can handle any task regardless of gender. This inclusive environment has enabled Kate to make history as the first female kegger at Emerson's and contribute her expertise in emergency preparedness, drawing from her experience as a volunteer firefighter.

Mel is part of the awesome packaging team. They take care of the beer once it's good to go from the brewers. They do their absolute best to run the machines to the best possibly efficiency they can to have the beer packed and out the door to the customers, looking and tasting great. Mel loves working in this environment as no day is the same and there is always something to test the brain and keep it thinking.

Annabelle O'Connell and Karin Wheeler
Finance and Admin Team

Meet Annabelle, Karin, and Mali (not pictured), Emerson’s Brewery’s Finance and Administration team. Annabelle leads the team and is responsible for managing all things when it comes to Emerson’s finances - monthly reporting, budgeting, forecasting, as well as reviewing pricing and costs. Admin superstars Karin and Mali are the friendly faces behind the front desk, who keep operations running smoothly across all aspects of the brewery and taproom. Karin and Mali process accounts payable invoices, communicate with customers & suppliers about account queries, as well as dealing to any admin related tasks that are thrown their way. We are also lucky to be able to drawdown on Karin’s past retail experience and creativity within merchandising at the Cellar Door. She understands that our Cellar Door is the first inside impression of Emerson's Taproom. All our merchandise, from tiny keyrings to sizable chilly bins, proudly showcases the esteemed Emerson's brand. "Stack 'em high & watch them fly!"

Elle Rolfe, Georgia Crowle, Katrin Hach, Sammie Huss, Ella Walker, Megan McKenzie & Myah Durning

We’re all a part of Richard Emerson’s long-term dream! He has wanted to open a Brew Pub since he first started brewing, way back in the eighties. Pictured are a few of the females in our team executing that dream. We are the ones serving up new flavours – through the Kitchen and the Taps – or sharing stories and knowledge – through Guided Tastings and Brewery Tours - every time you walk through the door.

We want people to feel comfortable here in any situation, whether they’re in for a morning coffee, having a beer on a sunny afternoon, winding down with their mates after work or having a big shindig. They know they will get great service – with character, not stuffiness – great food, and great beverages. It’s not just a taproom, we’re part of the community, and a place we are proud of. We want people to rave about us – in a Dunedin-style, understated way of course.

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