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The Emerson's Brewing Company Promotes the enjoyment of its beer in a responsible manner. If you are of legal drinking age, we welcome you to visit our website.

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Four Emerson's brews made it into 'Top 30' New world beer & cider awards

We've been holding onto some exciting news. Four of our brews made it into the Top 30 at the New World Beer & Cider Awards. The 29 esteemed judges were chaired by Micahel Donaldson (editor of Pursuit of Hoppiness). All four beers will be available at all 124 New World Supermarkets across NZ. It's a win for everyone! Let us know your fave in the comments New World#newworldnz#nwbca

London Porter

In 1992, we brewed our first beer - London Porter. The first batch was tested on scientists at the University of Otago. Since then, it's met the approval of a wide variety of guinea pigs. Although dark and firm-bodied, it's a surprisingly light, creamy drop.

Super Quench Pacific Pilsner

If you've been mowing your super-long lawn, running super-fast, or out in the super-hot sun, you'll need to super quench your super-thirst. This Pacific Pilsner has been dry-hopped with NZ and US hops to make it super-tasty, while its light body and crisp finish make it refreshing. 4% ABV, and 40% lower in carbs*.

*Contains 40% less carbohydrates than oher Emerson's beers.

Mexicoco Chocolate Chilli Porter

Inspired by chilli hot chocolate, mexicoco is a collaboration with our good friends down the road at OCHO. This rich, dark porter is brewed with roasted cacao nibs, red chillies, vanilla, and cinnamon.

Reverb NZ IPA

Richard Emerson loved going to gigs - and not just because they were in pubs. Being deaf, he couldn't hear the music, but he could feel it. From the guitars, bass, and drums reverberating through the speakers, to the buzz through the venue. Brewed with NZ hops, the tropical fruits and clean citrus finish will hit the right note.

Emerson's Pilsner

A Kiwi classic, Emerson’s Pilsner beautifully showcases Nelson grown Riwaka hops. It's overt fruitiness oozes citrus and passionfruit aromas and flavours, and begs comparison with Marlborough’s world-beating Sauvignon Blancs. The beer’s palate shows a hint of early malt sweetness but develops a lengthy dry finish.

Emerson's German Pilsner

This is a New Zealand version of a German version of a Czech version of a German beer. Light in body, slightly hoppy, and very refreshing. Prost! Or should that be na zdravi? Cheers anyway, however, you choose to say it.

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